• What is GMMSO ?
    The GMMSO is a research and strategic planning management tool designed to help your company enter or expand its presence into foreign markets.

    The GMMSO, consisting of three dynamic modules, will enable you to systematically:
    → Conduct a company situation analysis in a global context.
    → Identify the country with highest market potential for your company and select the most effective entry mode strategy.
    → Develop the business or marketing plan.
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  • Who should use GMMSO ?
    GMMSO is a research and strategic planning management tool designed for:
    → Instructors teaching
       → International business
       → International management courses
       → International/Global Marketing
       → Global Business Strategy/Policy
    → Business managers seeking high potential markets.
    → Government trade specialists.
    → Trade consultants and practitioners.

  • What are the benefits ?
    → Real time teaching/learning tool for the individual user or group
    → Minimum Instructor preparation time
    → Interactive and engaging
    → Bridge the gap between theory and the real world of business
    → Enhance international business understanding
    → Enhance research and critical thinking skills
    → Support with user guides, web-based resources, case studies
    → Instructor FREE trial and FREE with adoption
    → Cost effective

  • Background
    The GMMSO is based on the Global Marketing Management System (GMMS) book previously published by Pearson Education, Inc. It's the result of 30 years of international marketing management research, teaching and testing the system in the classroom. Many instructors and students from universities around the world have used the software in international business and management courses. Company executives, international business practitioners and consultants have been involved in the development of this software and have effectively used the system click here for Testimonials